1963 LeMans 326HO to RAIII Project

Project Status as of August 2, 2008

As is before restoration

1963 326HO heads, intake, exhaust, crank, bellhousing and front cover. 1963 389 block substituted for 11.5:1 CR.

After driveline restoration

Patriot 72" sidepipes (2-1/2" internal diameter).

High-torque mini-starter (bell housing mount).

Firewall block off plate (center, heater assembly removed).

Firewall block off plate (right side, heater assembly removed).

Dual master brake cylinder and lines for Scarebird disc brake conversion).

That is a 1970-75 Firebird Forumla fibreglass hood cut down to fit.

This fibreglass hood will be reshaped to fit the front hood profile.

Gotta luv those sidepipes!

Straight body makes a restoration easier.
Any questions, email me.